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An ancient Biblical tradition, a midrash, relates that the Canaanites wrote marriage contracts between man and man and woman and woman, and that this was one reason the land “vomited” them up in favor of the Israelites who took their […]

When the New York Times derided this book for children — as possibly giving comfort to religion! — I wanted to buy it right away but of course it was already out of print. So the King County public library system was my […]

On Wednesday night, I’m listening to my 2nd-favorite radio talk show, Coast to Coast AM, and even host George Noory is poopooing the threat of swine flu? Then you know the apocalyptic peril has been hugely, hugely overblown.

An outfit called the Presidential Prayer Team is praying that President Obama should effectively lead the fight to combat swine flu. Meanwhile, my father went into the hospital this morning for relatively minor surgery — though at his age, no surgery […]

How fascinating — the underreported revelation of modern evolutionary, genetic, and DNA science — that physical, material causes are not enough to explain the history of life’s evolution and development — was understood by the rabbis more than a millennium […]

Which is the country’s local culture most beset by moral confusion, New England or the Pacific Northwest? Seattle icon Knute Berger at Crosscut notes a fascinating contrast between these two regions that are America’s top strongholds of secularism: In New […]

Tomorrow is Israel’s 61st birthday, Yom Ha’atzmaut. I love the country and only wish I could go more often. I can’t wait to bring my children there for their first visit. The culture of Judaism in Israel is healthier than here in […]

Let’s talk about some rules I’m now initiating in this space, which will become more relevant as the blog, so I hope, grows.  According to the Talmud, God allowed the first Temple in Jerusalem to be destroyed by the Babylonians […]

My mother-in-law is flying in from New York City on Thursday for a visit. We live in Seattle but the New York metro area has 28 confirmed swine-flu cases, Washington State so far none. I’ve actually found myself wondering if […]

A.N. Wilson goes into more fascinating detail about his return to religious faith from atheism in an essay in the New Statesman. Now isn’t this interesting: the literary critic, biographer and historian credits his gradual re-conversion in no small part […]