Imagine Joe was to look through a keyhole and see a masked man with a tool cutting into another person. Joe thinks to himself that a madman is having some fun with his victim, and he sees this madman as a villain.

Then Joe takes a step back and notices the long white halls with the desk sitting at the center and stacks of paperwork alongside it.

Suddenly it dawns on Joe that he is not in a torture chamber – he is in a hospital! And, the masked man is not a torturer inflicting random pain – he is a skilled surgeon tending to his patient in order to repair him!

In this example, the ultimate hero and act of kindness – a surgeon saving a life – is looked upon as the ultimate villain executing an act of cruelty – a torturer inflicting random meaningless pain.

This inaccurate perspective is due to a lack in the witness’s seeing the whole picture.

Similarly, a torturer is a taker, so, as explained, that cannot be the Infinite God. Instead, as we will demonstrate, God is a “spiritual surgeon”.

One of people’s problems in coming to terms with what we are saying here is that they view death as the end. But, as we will discuss in the coming articles, death is merely a stage in the soul’s larger journey just as life is merely a stage in the soul’s larger journey.

God willing, in the next article, we will open up our understanding of the root of human suffering…

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