In the last few posts, we’ve discussed the manner in which the objectively meaningless collection, sports team, and rock concert experience usurps the soul’s thirst for something objectively meaningful, thereby pulling it away from actually attaining its true goal of personal refinement and relationship with God.

In order to rectify this situation, what needs to be done is for us to assert our Free Will and apply the soul’s power toward what it was originally intended. This will lead to success in keeping and strengthening the soul’s connection to the Infinite despite its being placed into a culture that is antithetical to the soul and spiritual matters. And then, we will hopefully come to internalize that when we taste the sweetness of sports or come across commercials emphasizing trivial things, we are getting a dose of Coca-Cola – a cheap artificial excuse for the Real Thing.

If we are real enough to acknowledge the petty nature of most of the things our society attributes meaning and importance to, the next question becomes: So what then is life about? Does the manner in which I spend my time reflect the core beliefs that I subscribe to deep down? Or am I spending most of my time watching someone else pretending to make principled choices on TV and the movies? Am I living life in accordance with the way the higher side of myself knows it should and yearns to live? Or am I squandering my waking hours following the tweets of Hollywood celebs and clicking my life away on YouTube?

All these questions boil down to: Am I aligning myself with reality, or am I wasting myself on that which is objectively extraneous?

If we can gain clarity on this issue, all things pulling us in other directions fall away as we become one with our purpose and embody our principles, our goals, and ultimately embrace our essence.

May we be blessed to open up to and connect with the things in life that are worth cheering for and getting passionate about – and may we be granted the strength to follow up on such ideals and enthusiasm with practical actions.


Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov is a cutting edge international speaker on Kabbalah, relationships, parenting, and life, and the author of the #1 Amazon’s Best Seller, Jewish By Choice: A Kabbalistic Take on Life & Judaism.

Rabbi Eliyahu is scheduled to be speaking across North America during the dates  November 5-22. To book a presentation, seminar, or consultation email

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