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Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. It is hard to read about Miley Cyrus’ recent “issues” – in Vanity Fair, other slightly tart pics – and not fear …Read More

Whoever would have guessed it? The permanent Republican majority lives. For a few years now it has been a joke – Rove and Mehlman talking about a Republican movement so strong that the Democrats simply couldn’t take it down. But …Read More

I noticed the great blogalogue between NT Wright and Bart Ehrman. Ehrman writes: We live in a world in which a child dies every five seconds of starvation. Every five seconds. Every minute there are twenty-five people who die because …Read More

…gives the election to John McCain. I’ve taken a short break from election madness to try and see it from a different perspective – I’ve been talking to friends in Pennsylvania and non-political friends from around the country and around …Read More

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan

Here is a beautiful, beautiful story from Friday’s Washington Post. Read it all, please. Kudos to the Post for running it. Thanks to the Pope for coming to Washington because I sense that his presence makes such talk of deeper …Read More

Found this – Steve Jobs introducing the iPod in 2001. Killer quote, “We think the Apple brand is going to be fantastic [in this space].” Yeah, think so?

Stumbled across this video introducing the iPod in 2001… Moby nails iPods success when he says that he had owned three mp3 players and didn’t know how to work any of them but then he picked up an iPod and …Read More

My friend Joe Carter, who blogs at Evangelical Outpost, left this comment about Obama that I wanted to highlight because it is the polar opposite of mine… I think… Obama’s latests back-pedaling can’t be squared with his original comment. Now …Read More

If this had come on 4/1 I could have understood it as an April Fool’s joke. But apparently it is serious. Based on Apple’s unbelievable success with its retail stores, Microsoft is going to be launching a branded store of …Read More