Carlos’ wife, Heather, writes of seeing Matt and Jefferson for the first time from a different perspective:

We get seated, the music starts and the girls and I begin to grove. Then it happens, I see them. A couple cuddling on the front row. I don’t mean hands around the waist kind of cuddling I mean full body spooning.
How annoying I thought.
Then I look a little harder and instantly burst into tears.
Oh how I was wrong,
I did see a two people.
I did see an embrace.
Maybe they were brothers?
Maybe a father and son? Maybe just friends.
But what I could tell was that the man in front was severly handicapped and the other man was holding him up to worship.
The honor, love and power that was showed to me in that instant has changed me forever.

How many times have I done the same sort of thing that Heather describes here… how many times have I presumed to know the facts of matter when I didn’t? Lots and lots and lots. Our eyes deceive us and so do our judgments. Fortunately God lovingly reminds us that we need to look through his eyes and not through ours. Because when we do that, as Heather did, we see something very different, something that can change our lives.

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