J Walking

Welcome to the most wonderful day of the year.
Happy Easter.
Get rowdy, get merry, pop the champagne and party and party and party. This is Easter. This is the day the universe changed.
Think about it.
Dead. Now alive.
Risen. Resurrected.
If Jesus did it we can do it too… and that is the point of the joy.
If we believe – and I believe – that Easter is what Easter says it is about then today’s celebration should make Christmas celebrations seem subdued.
The best case for all of this is made by N.T. Wright in his book Surprised by Hope. . [Click here for the wonderful new Beliefnet interview with him.]
Before Easter things were vague when it came to life after death. After Easter they are much clearer – there will come a day when we will be raised, physically, to a new life on a new earth under a new heaven. On that day and from that day forward there will be no more tears, no more sorrow, no more suffering. There will be life and life in a fullness we cannot imagine.
Stop reading. Start partying. It is Easter.

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