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There are more than 270 Compassion International kids in Uganda waiting for someone to sponsor them. Anna Grace is one of them. Can any of you guys sponsor her?
UPDATE Sunday evening – Anna Grace has been sponsored! Thank you Eliot. If anyone is interested in sponsoring another child click here.
She is five and has four other siblings. She isn’t in school yet and lives with her father who is sometimes employed as a laborer. Their family lives on less than $1 a day.
I do not know what happened to her mother.
Anna Grace likes rolling a hoop, singing and telling stories. Click here to be taken directly to Anna Grace’s sponsorship page to learn more about her.
I’ve never met Anna Grace but I suspect that she would have me wrapped around her finger rather quickly. If you sponsor her, you can write to her, send her stickers and little things and she will write you back. She will know who you are. She will treasure you. One day, if you go to Uganda, you will meet her and she will look at you with big eyes and she will smile because she will know what you have done for her life. And you will weep because you will know what she has done for yours.
If you are interested in sponsoring her, click here.

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