Before I head back to the hospital this afternoon and before I begin the journey home tomorrow, some thoughts on what can be done here… initial thoughts I suppose:
Sponsor a child through Compassion International. The longer I am here the more certain I am sponsoring a child a crucial first step in helping Uganda. The importance of the “whole life” (physical, emotional, medical, spiritual) approach has never been more self-evidently clear than in these last days in the hospital. Compassion cares for the kids and, by extension, they care for the family because children need healthy parents.

– Let’s follow Thinker’s lead on the sort of stuff – practical stuff – we can do for the children at the hospital. Thinker, we’re all ears. This is a project where we can see tangible change.
– Pray. I am more certain than ever about the importance of prayer. We can’t forget that in this world there are physical and spiritual forces of darkness. We need to pray against them and for the work of Jesus.
– Support African business. What is needed here are jobs. Buy from Africa.
– Visit. Tourism is vital to the African economy. Spend a few days visiting the tough stuff and spend a few days reveling in the beautiful stuff. There is a lot of beautiful stuff.
– Evangelize. Bring friends and family and strangers into this story. Let’s start a hopeful dialogue that will turn into hopeful change. We can’t change everything but there are things we can change.
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