Day one in Uganda and we’re visiting one of Compassion International’s church partner sites. We are outside touring the new toilet facilities they have constructed and I notice a shadow moving towards me. The shadow is, oh, huge. The shadow is bigger than I am; it is a lot bigger than I am. Just as my brain processes all of this and thinks to look up to see what, exactly, is causing this massive shadow I get buzzed by a pterodactyl.
You might think I’m exaggerating, telling a fish story. I’m not!

Down here the birds go by a different name – they are called Marabou Storks. They have a wingspan of 10 feet and they think they are pigeons. They are all over downtown Kampala, they are all over everywhere. I’m actually having breakfast with one right now. He said his name is Earl.
Ok, I exaggerate slightly… but not about the size of the bird and how prevalent they are and how very much like pigeons they behave. Ok, that’s all.
Say goodbye Earl.
Goodbye Earl.
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