J Walking

John asked a question in response to my anteater ditty: “Ah David, is there anything that doesn’t draw you closer to God? Collapsing buildings, anteaters, the Red Sox?”
Thinker gave a great answer. Here it is in part:

One of my favorite holy guys is a Francisan priest who said – Either everything created is holy or non of it is. When we open our eyes to God’s world – Everything draws us closer to God -Everything. Dividing the world into the sacred and profane – well – it keeps us on guard and perhaps safe – but it does not teach us of God.

I think every single thing we run across will drive us closer to or further from God. It might not seem so at the time but bit by bit our journey is determined. When I write of anteaters or the Red Sox (though that is really my friend’s passion, not mine) or ice cream cones with my daughter or Bono or iphones or poverty or anything else I try and write through my God-seeing eyes. It is, regularly, an act of discipline, a challenge. But it reflects both how I do see and how I hope to see the world.

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