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The National Zoo here in Washington will be unveiling “Little Schnozzy” – a new baby anteater. The WashPost has a fantastic article about the little guy, his parents, and anteaters in general that will absolutely suck you in.
Here’s my favorite anteater fact – the mother’s don’t really have a clue that they’ve just had a baby. Only an apparently deafening shriek by the baby alerts the basically blind animal that something has happened and then only because it wants to try and make the shrieking stop. At that:

Once they let out that life-or-death screech, baby anteaters climb on their mothers’ backs. And, though they do get down from time to time, many will stay there for nearly a year. A mature male such as Dante can weigh as much as 90 pounds and stretch as much as seven feet from snout to tail.

I find myself drawn closer to God because of these anteaters. As they article says, they are not very bright and yet they have actually found a way to make it in the wild. If they can make it, there is hope for humanity.
anteater.jpg (Washington Post/Reuters photo)

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