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Forthwith, random observations from my period.
Hannah Montana didn’t do it for me even though the premise of a pop star kid disguising herself as normal is cute and BIlly Ray Cyrus is affable. That I watched Hannah Montana says more than enough about my mental capacity the past couple days.
I think I liked Windtalkers but there was WAY too much violence and Nicholas Cage’s angst grows old very quickly.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Italian Job (remake) even though I had seen it before. I do have a thing for clever heist films. Of course the critics may have said it wasn’t clever – I don’t know, I’m an easy audience for such things. Probably especially when I’m only mostly awake.
My newfie Sam stayed on the bed with me most of the time – thankfully we have a king-sized bed. One time, however, I awoke to see her big face looking down at me. I opened my mouth to say something and that precise moment a bit of Newfoundland drool ended up in my mouth. Yum.
A friend brought over sushi for me tonight. Even though I would have suspected raw fish to turn my stomach over and over, one of the things I’ve learned is that it tastes sooooo good after my period. It is just pure and clean and slimy and there isn’t anything like the taste of uni – even when part of your brain realizes what it is.
I have been enjoying some wonderful, terrific sermons but when you listen to them on the last day or so of chemo they sound really horrible. I suspect that is me and not the pastors.
LIstening to the news is more depressing than taking chemo. Seriously.
The only thing that is worse than the news is politics. I mean seriously, what passes for political discourse these days is riotously awful.
As much as I love U2, trying to watch one of their concert DVDs was a big mistake. I realized this after listening/watching City of Blinding Lights off the Vertigo DVD and the only thing I could hear was Adam Clayton’s bass line over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over… It is wonderful and drives the song and he is brilliant blah, blah, blah but over and over and over again it isn’t that fun.
I watched The Office for the first time and think it is probably very funny. It just didn’t quite work for me. It was, however, much better than Hannah Montana.
Old baseball games are terrific. In that slightly hazy brain fuzz, it almost felt like I saw the Mets beat the Red Sox in the 86 Series for the first time. AND, that I saw the Sox beat the dreaded Yankees in the 2004 ALCS in that LONNNNGGGG Game 5 where Ortiz dunked that blooper to center to win the game in 14 innings. 15?
I lack any particularly holy insights. I prayed but didn’t really have many words – more weariness and brain fog than anything else – the Bible (or any books for that matter) was too much.
It is good to be back writing again. I like putting my fingers to my keyboard and sharing life. Thanks for sharing yours.

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