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ok, this is actually really cool. I have had it for a few hours but haven’t had much time to fiddle -now i am fiddling and it is better than I thought it would be. To call it a phone …Read More

Ok, so we are here in line waiting outside an Apple store in a mall. It occurs to me that my piece on Apple as a religion may actually be true. 😉 Apple employees are bringing people bottles of water. …Read More

…the line grows and grows but I’m in pretty good shape…I am, however, looking at the very definition of despair. There is a young man staffing a “Mobile Solution” kiosk displaying lots of different cell phones…that aren’t iphones. He keeps …Read More

I need to make something VERY clear here. I DO NOT endorse what anyone writes in the comments section. Everyone should think of that section as a separate discussion room where people gather to talk. It is, mostly, an unmoderated …Read More

Yesterday I have an email forwarded to me from someone who says they want to take up my “challenge” about Christians and Ann Coulter. The “someone” is Darrell Bock. For those who might now know him: Darrell Bock is Research …Read More

…has blown through the damn…I’m running off to a store to stand in line for an iphone. I can’t help myself. Maybe it will be like an AA meeting, “Hello, my name is David and I am an Apple addict.” …Read More

Several readers point out that Ms. Coulter’s words about Sen. Edwards were taken out of context. She did not say that she was actively wishing he would be killed but that, to avoid problems in the future, she should say …Read More

This morning I went with my friend to the doctor. It was not a happy visit. I don’t know how many happy visits ALS patients get. About that enough said. I keep thinking about the Grahams, about Billy who is …Read More

This morning Kim and I were talking about the utter mystery of, well, everything – especially the bad and troubling things. Finally, in a summation that draws on her sensible Kansas roots, her voracious intellect, her snazzy Stanford education, and …Read More

I am waiting for conservative Christian activists to denounce Ann Coulter. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting and I’m waiting. This does not seem like a tough one, after all, Coulter has now publicly said of presidential candidation John Edwards …Read More