J Walking

I need to make something VERY clear here. I DO NOT endorse what anyone writes in the comments section.
Everyone should think of that section as a separate discussion room where people gather to talk. It is, mostly, an unmoderated room because I believe – and Beliefnet believes- in the conversation about things of faith (or things of Apple or whatever).
There are those who post incendiary remarks. Please feel free to ignore them and please know and understand that they do not represent my views…my views will always carry my name.
My blog is one dedicated to a journey – a journey with Jesus that is, for me, tortuous and beautiful, peaceful and disturbing, joyful and sorrowful, challenging and comforting (and so many more things). How people care to comment on that journey is up to them. But please know that there is no obligation to read the comments section.
Now, for those who post with much anger and hate – please stop and be kind. You do, after all, call yourselves Christians and I’m guessing you don’t want to sully the name of Jesus.

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