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From Senator Brownback:

I would like the take a moment and ask for your prayers for the people of my home state of Kansas.

Over the last several days, the residents of Greensburg and the surrounding counties in Kansas have been devastated by a terrible tornado. I am working with the Kansas Congressional delegation to see that they get the help they need during this most difficult time.

But more than that however, those affected by these terrible events need our prayers and spiritual support. While we can never fully understand why tragedies like these take place, we can be moved to deeper solidarity and support. Events like these should draw us together as we reflect upon the unity of human family and the frailty of how quickly life can change.

I would hope everyone would be encouraged to prayer and moved to action to assist those in great need. Tragic as these events are, they can and should be the motivation for a unity of prayer and support worthy of our vision of a united human family.

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