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And? This is supposed to be news? Is anyone really surprised? NYC paid for abortions when he was mayor. He has long been pro-choice. Why is it even remotely surprising that he gave to Planned Parenthood? It is a perfectly natural thing for someone who is pro-choice to do.

What is silly is for any conservative to feign shock at something like this. His performance at the debate last week one was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. As best I can tell here is Giuliani’s position on abortion:

He hates abortion personally and believes in a woman’s right to choose and thinks that Roe is settled law. Except he would also be ok with it being overturned. Except he could also see a strict constructionist judge saying it was settled law. And he cares about each of those except that he doesn’t really care about them very much.

Every conservative who ridiculed President Clinton’s double speak on abortion owes it to themselves to call Giuliani’s BS – regardless of where he gave his money.

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