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April 2007 Archives

Today Tony Snow returned to stand in front of the White House press corps. Don’t go writing any obituaries for him just yet. After his quick intro of the day he took the time to talk about his journey this […]

…it didn’t take long for the attacks to start. Catholic whiner (a factual rather than a judgmental term) Bill Donohue has sent around a blast email on the Obama article titled, “Obama – Theocrat?”: “If the same standard that was […]

There is an enormous story in today’s New York Times about Sen. Barack Obama’s faith and his relationship with his controversial minister. It is (or should be) politically insignificant. It is theologically controversial. The story doesn’t recount anything particularly new […]

I’ve been away. I didn’t mean for there to be a blog gap, however. For the past few days I was off on a father-daughter trip with… here comes the shocker… my daughter Rachel. She’s 9 and tender and kind […]

This past Sunday, in our wonderful little church, our pastor stood up and dealt with the hardest questions the previous week dealt. None, perhaps, more jarring than this one – why didn’t the killer’s gun simply jam during his killing […]

For the past 20 years or so church “progress” and “success” has been measured by a single factor – size. Now, there is a new trend – it isn’t about size, it is about reach. This is good news. I […]

So American Idol’s “Idol Gives Back” is in full swing. In case anyone missed it, American Idol, the wonderfully popular reality/talent show is hosting a two-night charity-oriented event called “Idol Gives Back.” The goal is to raise buckets of money […]

In the face of death, faith is blossoming at Virginia Tech. The massacre forced people to the only place they could go in light of the horror – to their knees. Said one expert on faith, “The terrible scale of […]

My two-year-old daughter Livvy lives in a world without death. Nothing around her – save for the ants we regularly annihilate – has ever died. And even if something did die she wouldn’t understand it. Death is completely foreign to […]

“Every trial is a blessing. There have been times when I have been hard pressed through circumstances and it seems as if a dozen steamrollers were going over me but I have found that the hardest things are just lifting […]