I’ve been away. I didn’t mean for there to be a blog gap, however. For the past few days I was off on a father-daughter trip with… here comes the shocker… my daughter Rachel. She’s 9 and tender and kind and beautiful and thoughtful and there is so much that goes on beneath the surface that she allows people to see. She is young and she is old and I always have to remind myself that she is 9. Some months ago she asked me why it was that I didn’t jog anymore.

We were driving in the car and the question came out of nowhere (at least it did for me). At the moment I had the chance to be honest or to lie. The lie would have been to say that I was being lazy and hadn’t gotten around to it. The truth was that for whatever bizarre reason, when I walked and ran, I often times had a small seizure in my left leg and that had lead me to stop running. I told her the truth. She would have known a lie. And she just said, “Ah” and moved on. To her little seizures are like sneezes – nothing I can help, nothing to worry about. She’s right.

But that is all an aside of a sort.

I took her off to Florida to swim with the dolphins and go on water rides and we both smiled and laughed and were both young. We went down a big water slide time after soaking time after soaking time and it was awesome. I walked a lot and ran some because I can run and walk again. It is the result of medicine and prayers (maybe not in that order). And when I ran and walked she smiled. She smiled more when she beat me in races.

Over time I will probably write more about the trip.

For now I am just writing to say that I am back and I am reminded (again) why I started this blog. I did it because it is a way for me to extend the message of my book and it is a place for me to say what I think…duh…but not. It is good that I am reminded because I am aware of how much I have pulled my punches at points, not wanting to be too controversial and not wanting to get smacked by the critics. That, however, isn’t living and that isn’t being a good steward of the talents and thoughts and opinions God has given me.

And so, in more ways than just typing again, I am back. Don’t ever look for me to post on Sundays, however. I have decided I don’t email, Internet, or otherwise do work-type things on Sunday. I think it is called a sabbath.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. David

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