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This ought to be a lot of fun. Perhaps Verhoeven has concluded Jesus was killed with an ice pick?

The Discovery Channel, Harper Collins, and those associated with the “Jesus Tomb” project may come to regret it. Add The Washington Post to the list of newspapers highlighting the “fraud”: Leading archaeologists in Israel and the United States yesterday denounced …Read More

From Gordon Lindsay, author of yesterday’s quote on faith: We should make an eternal consecration to God and then every day commit ourselves completely in His hands, even as we must eventually do at the moment of death. “Why should …Read More

A friend sent me this link this morning. My faith is deeply, deeply shaken.

I came across this quote from an old charismatic evangelist: We must remember that faith is not feelings, it is not sight. You do not exercise faith after the answer has come. It is then sight. You only exercise faith …Read More

Andrew Sullivan points the way to a discussion of whether government welfare spending reduces the church’s impact on culture. One of the old conservative arguments has been that too much government displaces the positive, powerful, private societal institutions. While that …Read More

At the end of a day where James Cameron (JC) presented his best case for finding “Jesus’ tomb,” it can once more be clearly stated that Jesus Christ (JC) is in no particular danger of being dethroned as the King …Read More

I have a dear friend who loves – loves – the Red Sox. Generally he can tell you whether a particular player had enough fiber on the previous day. He recently thought of naming his son Matsusaka after the Red …Read More

I’ll be on Tucker Carlson’s show on MSNBC at 4:45pm… tune in.

I can almost see the conversation that James Cameron had with fellow filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici (aka, the Naked Archeologist) some years ago, “We need a project.” “Yeah, something sexy and big.” “Well, you know that DaVinci Code thing is big.” …Read More