J Walking

From Gordon Lindsay, author of yesterday’s quote on faith:

We should make an eternal consecration to God and then every day commit ourselves completely in His hands, even as we must eventually do at the moment of death. “Why should we not put everything of our lives into the hands of God and trust Him? We all know that death is certain, and that one moment after death we shall be absolutely dependent upon God’s goodness, His faithfulness and eternal power. At that hour we will have to rest in God and say like Christ on the cross, ‘Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.’ This being true, why should we not, while we live implicitly trust God’s providence?”

For me this is a spiritual dunking in ice cold water; a bracing reminder of our momentary earthly reality, our eternal spiritual reality, and the right way to live every moment. The only real challenge? Doing it.

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