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One of the more important and more difficult pieces of the puzzle as we feel our way forward at the interface of science and faith is the theological implications of discoveries in modern science. A comment on my post Evolution …Read More

Pete Enns has had an interesting series on BioLogos discussing the meaning of the phrase “Image of God” (You will find it here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three). From the Part One of his series: Some understand image …Read More

I recently received a copy of John F. Haught‘s new book Making Sense of Evolution: Darwin, God, and the Drama of Life. Haught is a Senior Fellow in Science and Religion at Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University and Professor of …Read More

How odd to post this brief report after our first post today (see below this one). Ramsay Macmullen is probably the finest social historian of earliest Christianity, and in a book just a couple years old he sketches how the …Read More

I am reading and blogging through Ron Highfield’s new book called Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God . This opens our series; it’s a serious volume for theologians and pastors, but it’s faith angle gives the …Read More

Confession: I wanted someone to write this book so bad. Not so much for myself but for my students. For 15 years I have wanted a book for college students, by and large upper level students, or for pastors or …Read More

On my post last Tuesday, toward the end of the comments, the following question was asked (I edit slightly): Your ‘Noah’ versus ‘resurrection’ argument is interesting.  … Moreover is the ‘resurrection’ as an event that important? Jesus was supposedly ‘resurrected’ …Read More

Stephen C. Meyer has published a (very long, but readable) book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, outlining his argument in favor of intelligent design. This book essentially argues that life is very complex, the …Read More

Scot has posted a few time over the last month on the topic of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), either as a short question or as part of Weekly Meanderings. One of the things that surprised me in the ensuing conversation, …Read More

it is not uncommon for an innocent Bible reader to read a text like the flood of Noah or the death of the firstborn in Egypt and wonder how in the world God can be involved in such actions, and …Read More