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I was pushed a bit Monday to weigh in on the post about Christians, Sports, and Compromise. I have to confess that it was hard for me to comprehend an author like Hoffman spending most of his life in sports […]

A recent report in suggests so, and I personally believe it is … so what to do? More education about what is actually happening to the brain and more rules that prevent head injuries. What do you think? Check […]

On the day I saw online the Christianity Today piece on sports and the Christian faith, the author of that article’s book arrived on my desk. It is called Good Game: Christianity and the Culture of Sports . I begin […]

Mark McGwire, who some years back embarrassed himself in front of our country’s highest legislators, says now the time is right for him to come clean and admit that he used steroids to enhance his physical abilities during his incredible […]

Again, another great post from Jeremy Berg, and I’m keen to hear what you have to say. How do you respond to this mixture of football (sports) and faith? It has made the news here and here. Al Mohler has […]

From the Morrisey column in the Chicago Tribune… The way Lou Piniella saw it Sunday morning, the media were paying entirely too much attention to the Cubs‘ unfortunate lack of hitting. Why don’t we focus on the positive thing, which […]

Kris and I know Jonathan Williams well, and we are huge supporters of his efforts to give back to Rochester what he received from Rochester — and he is giving back by helping kids develop better life skills. His focus […]

Scot and Kris have been busy in South Africa – so no Weekly Meanderings … Tom Smith has some reflections on Scot’s visit. But I couldn’t pass on this and will take the opportunity to highlight a real sport for […]

Who can name the players in the famous game between UCLA and the University of Houston? I’ll give you two: Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) and Elvin Hayes (Big E). Do you know who won?