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Lots of blogs in my blogs of the week.
The very top of my blog list this week is Karen Spears Zacharias’ funny stories on her blog, Sit and Spit. Her experience with the friend who calls it “E-Rac” and the doctor thinking it was “wreck” — well, you read it.
Emerging stuff on:
1. Finally, someone got the definition of Emerging folks accurate — and gave them visual images to go by.
2. Michael Lee does it with words.
3. And how about this raving definition by Greg Austin?\
4. Jamie Arpin-Ricci posts a chapter he’s written on diversity.
5. Marko’s series of a “rant by a runt” is well worth the read, just to get us thinking about stuff. It begins with this post and will run to ten different posts. Marko, that’s longer than any of mine!
Emerging stuff over:
6. Karen Spears Zacharias, over at Sit and Spit, has a series of letters now starting up to her daughter as her daughter prepares for her wedding in a month. Don’t encourage her, though, as she might start telling us stuff we don’t want to hear! She’s gettin’ close on Dec 9. Atta girl, Karen. You’re the first to make it twice in the same blog of the week.
7. Karen is worried about her daughter, but Brad Bergfalk didn’t know where his was. Good thing, because she becomes a parable.
Student of the Year: Here’s a prospective college student who understands himself. (HT: Lukas McKnight)
8. I commented on the greatest sport to watch now, and now Jay Baehr, who I think plays soccer, has done some “serious” research.
Emerging marriage: Steve McCoy’s.

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