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Yesterday I was at Willow’s youth leadership conference called Shift. A full day but lots of fun. I’m not a youth minister, obviously — nor was I a very good one when I gave it a whirl, but if I …Read More

This will no doubt be the longest post I’ve ever had, but I’ve had enough requests so here it is … all 60 posts of the Missional Jesus series.

This is it. We finish off with Acts 1:8. First the text:

Two more texts to look at in this series on Missional Jesus. Today we look at Luke 24:36-49.

The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) is one of the last things Jesus says that shapes our perception of Missional Jesus.

From the sublime to the obscure. The text today (Luke 22:35-38) is not clear.

We come to the last week of this lengthy series on missional Jesus, which was begun for one reason: because I wanted to sort out for my own thinking what a full sweep of the Gospels would reveal if we …Read More

Now, how does one talk about Matthew 24 in one day? By keeping it short and to the point. I’ll do my best.

The harshest words Jesus ever uttered can be found in Matthew 23. It is not possible to do a full study here, so I will make a few points. In essence, his point is this: “hypocrisy” transcends the common contradiction …Read More

Missional Jesus points his own way. Here we find a story, in Mark 12, that perfectly illustrates the first beatitude: Blessed are the poor. The way to the kingdom, the way to peace in the Land, is not the way …Read More