Jesus Creed

Yesterday we got up early and I called my father to wish him a happy father’s day. Kris and I enjoyed a cool hour or so on our screen porch with the birds flitting everywhere, said our prayers, and went to the 9am Willow Creek service with Laura and Mark. Bill Hybels gave a masterful talk about his pride in the fathers of Willow Creek because of their building into the lives of their children — and this departing from the tendency to bring in Chapin’s “Cats ‘n the Cradle” song as the theme of a Father’s Day talk.
We were blessed.
Kris and I then went out for brunch with Laura and Mark in Arlington Heights. They gave me some coffee (Intelligensia — any comments on the coffee?) and a golf shirt. (Which made me say to myself, “It’s about time, big guy, to get away from the books and play your first round of golf this year. And it made me think that a local pastor said he wanted to play this week!)
On our way home from brunch, Lukas called (from North Carolina where he was scouting) to wish me a happy father’s day. We chatted about a variety of topics, not the least of which was the Cubs.
Here’s a picture of Laura and me at the water fountain in Arl. Hts. Beautiful girl, heh?

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