How about this shot? A plane against a rainbow in France.

We’ve been in Seoul Korea this week but here are a few meanderings. (Speaking of which, Jesus Creed is coming out shortly in Korea. Please tell your Korean friends.)

Some asked about why I was leaving BNet, and I will say a little more in the next week or two, but this series at Patheos gives on angle on what Patheos has to offer. Look at the scope and the topics.
God and Guinness. (HT: LNMM)
Speaking of questions, who’s the leader? Karen’s conclusion carries the punch.
School is starting and this reminder from Fr Rob is a good one.
Which also means reading books, and Patrick Mitchel’s series on Mike Bird’s book on Paul is worth reading (both book and review!) at the beginning of this school year.
Schooling and wisdom are not the same … JR Briggs.
Some recent news about pastors leads to an important post/reminder from Eugene Cho.
And a recent new journal of book reviews — The Neff Review.
Christine Scheller has a nice set of reflections on returning home.
How about this one from :mic: “This is why the single greatest problem facing churches today is apathy from within congregations, who fail to see the life-giving potential of the Spirit within them. It ultimately amounts to disbelief as a distinct act of spiritual warfare, stopping the very power of God.”

Meanderings in the News
GBG.jpg1. Did you see this one
2. I’m a bit amazed this is written as if it is a discovery, which it isn’t, but it’s still a good story about cutting back.
3. The picture to the right is a web image of Gyeong Bok Gung, the historic palace in Seoul.
4. This is especially good for those big fat textbooks you’ll never use again.
5. I don’t know about you, but I’m unconvinced that “voting” or surveys tell us much about the legality of the mosque at ground zero. Remember, the vast majority didn’t favor freedom for slaves. Isn’t the issue what is right according to the Constitution?
6. On the mosque: “Regardless of how one views the decision, the controversy surrounding the project is a reminder of the fact that while religious pluralism was a founding ideal of the United States implicit in the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, Americans historically have edged toward it kicking and screaming.”
7. This made it to the news in Korea … Michelle Obama’s vacation. Kathleen Parker: “The fact is, Michelle Obama doesn’t have a say in how she is transported from Point A to Point B. All first ladies are flown with significant security on a jet subsidized by the taxpayers. What is the alternative? Would we really prefer that the president’s spouse never travel or that she be exposed to kidnapping or other attack?” But also this: “Perception is everything in politics. And though Mrs. Obama essentially caught some of August’s free-ranging flak, she also chose unwisely.” And: “When many Americans are scraping together pennies to finance a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, the notion that a child must be treated to Spain’s beaches to celebrate her decade on the planet is a bitter pill to swallow.”
9. Elections: “In the establishment versus outsiders frame of the 2010 primaries, Tuesday night produced a mixed outcome: establishment victories for the Democrats and “tea party” victories for the Republicans.”
10. Carolyn Arends asks this: “So what works? When it comes to shaping character and behavior, is it better to focus on God’s law or his grace?”
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