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July 2010 Archives

Reggie McNeal, Reggie McNeal,  Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series) (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009).  Reviewed by Michael C Thompson, who blogs at Grasshoppers Dreaming.  Sitting at a recent church conference at which Reggie McNeal …Read More

The heart of the summer brings out some great flower colors. Jim Martin’s reflections on a retreat. Should Christians align themselves with a political party? Allan Bevere asks and discusses. Geeding about being gray. Karen, with her nose on the …Read More


“See You in September”? How about this one by Julie Budd?

…. being a Christian. Does this move make her a “spiritual” and “follower of Christ” but not “religious” or “in the Catholic Church”? How do you read her recent statement? Let me make a point I’ve made a number of …Read More

We’re discussing how we build our knowledge of God, our theology, and using Wesley’s Quadrilateral (Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience) as an outline for our discussion.  Last time we looked at Tradition with some wonderful discussion; today’s topic is the role …Read More

Imagine a world where the worst of offenders or the least conforming or the most offensive — in other words, sinners — are restored to the table of fellowship. That’s what Jesus exhorts the Pharisees and legal experts to imagine …Read More


Prayer is soul-ish wandering. It begins in one place and the spirit and soul wander from place to place while in God’s presence. One could say that genuine prayer often meanders from one thought to another.  The psalmist in Psalm …Read More