Boyd.jpgEverybody’s got a hungry heart — so says Bruce Springsteen and Greg Boyd, in his newest book, The Myth of a Christian Religion: Losing Your Religion for the Beauty of a Revolution  quotes the Boss to make an important part.

We all have a hunger to feel alive, to find security, to sense significance, and to feel a fullness of worth. It’s what Boyd means by “Life.” John 10:10 stuff.
How do you define idolatry? What do you think of Boyd’s idea that the revolution Jesus came to ignite is one shaped by Life and Love? Are those terms big enough to describe the mission of Jesus?
Only God can satisfy this hunger for Life, because only God is Life. God is Love so he made humans that crave God’s Love.
But God does not coerce; humans seeks for Love and Life through their freedom. Sometimes in all the wrong places. The Bible calls this Idolatry. To find life and love in less than Love and Life is idolatrous. Sex, wealth and power will come up empty eventually.
This Life and Love are embodied and seen in Jesus, who frees us from the idols. Jesus’ kingdom Life revolts against the idols.
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