Jesus Creed

Well, here we sit after 35+ years of marriage. 

Kris somehow naturally internalized all her chores and internalized them immediately. I didn’t and I haven’t but I’ve gradually gotten myself attached to a number of them — like mowing the grass and digging holes for flowers and swiffing our hardwood floors and cooking dinner. I do the laundry, but sometimes forget to dry the clothes — I need something (or someone) to remind me. Kris seems to know — an internalizer — when to dust and clean some rooms and she never forgets to dry the clothes when she’s doing the laundry.

Still, I have one chore left un-internalized — taking out the garbage — and though we have lived here 23+ years I still can’t remember the day the garbage goes to the street. 

Any suggestions?

How about you: Are any chores hard for you to internalize?
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