JoyDavidman.jpgIt seems that most folks I run into have a CS Lewis moment or event or book they like. I first read CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in college. Kris had read them and couldn’t stop talking about them so we began our adventure with his novels then and there. I had read his Mere Christianity and Miracles and especially his Screwtape Letters prior to the novels, but I fell in love with Lewis’ characters.

What is your moment or event or favorite book by Lewis?

Now news about CS Lewis. And I just can’t believe it has taken this long, but am I glad. I have read most of Lewis’ Letters — now three fat volumes — but have always wondered about his correspondence with Joy Davidman, his wife, and whose name became the wonderful double entendre in Surprised by Joy.

Drum roll and big news for all CS Lewis buffs: Joy Davidman, Out of My Bone: The Letters and Autobiography of Joy Davidman (ed Don W. King), is now in print. These are her letters and they cover the trials of her first marriage to WL Gresham, her curious mind and pursuit of truth (which led her to CS Lewis), her journey from secular Judaism to atheism to Communism and finally to her Christian faith. Most notably, we find her own chronicle as she confronted the cancer that took her life and that led to some of Lewis’ own most potent writing.

On top of this we are treated to her autobiography, “The Longest Way Round.”

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