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This week Kris and I were sitting with some others at a nice Italian restaurant in Wheaton when the server showed Mike Bird an assortment of teas. I could see them better than Mike so I mentioned a couple and …Read More

Read this and ponder — one to keep in mind. Garret’s arms twist at sharp angles.  His eyes, vacant and unfocused, stare fixedly away into a void, veiled windows to a soul suddenly plunged into primordial darkness.  His brain fires …Read More

From The Wall Street Journal … The decline in Sunday schools appears to be gradual but steady. A study by the Barna Group indicated that in 2004 churches were 6% less likely to provide Sunday school for children ages 2 …Read More

Your dog has eaten? We came home from somewhere one time and our dachsund had gotten into a deep dish pizza, had eaten some of it, but then she began to hide what was left — two pieces — under …Read More

We thought we’d post some pictures of things (places, events, etc) of what we like about Italy … so here goes… [click on them to enlargen] First, historic cities like Siena — … and historic churches like this Romanesque church …Read More

Chapter 14 of Alister McGrath’s book A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology deals with the question of teleology and directionality in evolution. The neo-Darwinian paradigm, (that popularized by Richard Dawkins for example), is that evolution …Read More

A article reports about gaccaca proceedings in Rwanda, and a book I read recently provides ample stories and illustrations of the same. After a tough history of tension with occasional bursts of violence and bloodshed, in April 1994 Rwanda …Read More

I like the walls of building in Italian villages and cities. The walls tells stories of age and repair and design. So, when Kris and I are sipping a latte at an outdoor cafe, my eyes often wander to the …Read More

Once again, Mary Veeneman, professor in theology at North Park University, steps up to guide us into understanding Pope Benedict XVI’s most recent statement. This is the second of a two-part post. Benedict XVI’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate is the …Read More

It all begins with God — what we think about God shapes what we think about ourselves and those around us and our world. It begins with God. What is our “narrative” of God? What are the narratives that hinder …Read More