We miss Just Joeys, our bed and breakfast in Stellenbosch.
Our view of the small pool in the back garden at breakfast.
(But two weeks away did not make it easier to get back to internet reading.)

JustJoeyBack*.jpgWe missed reading our favorite blogs, so I’m way behind … here are some highlights for me this week:

YSMarko comes to its end — we enjoyed Marko’s blog over the years and will miss his regular communications with us. The family myth … and some family wisdom. Karen is either story-telling or preaching … or both. John is too.  iMonk‘s got it going again. Ed’s crossing boundaries. And LL Barkat is pondering … and so is Tamara.

Origins.jpgBut The Origins Project is just beginning, and Eric Bryant is a core leader who is asking an old, but still relevant, question. So is Dan Kimball. The beginning of cell phones to the completion of cell phones. Is this the sign of the end of atheism?

True truth is under scrutiny.  A San Diego Bible study group is under scrutiny. Your unhappiness is under scrutiny. Thin places under scrutiny.


How do you discern a healthy theology from an unhealthy one? Check this post by Cobus.

The new discussion about how to conceptualize the doctrine of Scripture, which has been played out some on this blog, revolves around not if the Bible is authoritative, but how that authority is to be understood and how that authority relates to our growing knowledge about texts, about history, about science, and about how the Bible as God’s Word works. Alex McManus tells his own story in the issue of Scripture.

Good ideas about coming up with blog posts.

Shop.jpg1. Best jobs during difficult financial times.
2. Judge Sotomayor: The NYTimes view and the National Review view.
3. The Mormons are coming!
4. Yes, indeed, bring back shop classes.

5. Faith healing — is it a form at times of child abuse?
6. Texting has some serious issues — I confess the only time I “text” is during Faculty Meetings.
7. Three quick points … three goofy memories for me.
8. Good piece on happiness.
9. Kris and I both always read Thomas Sowell when we see his pieces.
10. Brooks-y’s on a roll.


Does anyone watch the NBA playoffs? (I call it 7 footers All Star Wrestling with a Ball.)

It is so hard these days being a Cubs fan. I talked with a friend and I said, “The Cubs! What’s going on?” His response: “I can’t even watch them right now.”


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