AeroPress.jpgSomeone needs to stand up and call a halt to this silliness. Perhaps I should be the one. Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, here it is: Throw away your drip coffee machine and your French Press and buy one of these AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker
coffee machines and get yourself a better cup of coffee at a cheaper price. I just linked to the Amazon page for the AeroPress and it’s got more “reviews” than a Rob Bell provocation or a Brian McLaren pot-stirrer. Almost all of the customer reviews of the AeroPress are 5 Star.

This little 26 dollar machine forces hot water through a small filter and gives a splendid cup of coffee. Drip, shrip. French, smench. The drip machines are too expensive for what you get and the French press machines are, well, not the same pressure you can get in an AeroPress.

I’m serious: I have one of these in my office at school and the barista students all agree: great way of making coffee. And it’s cheap as all get out.

Will someone stand up and give us an “Amen!”

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