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Yesterday on our blog we had an interchange that I want to toss into the pot today for a discussion. I referred to 1 Peter as by Peter. Here’s what one person said … and let me add that the …Read More

We finish up today our series on Darrell Cosden’s fine book, The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work. If you are looking for a book that “justifies” work, this is it — and I think we need more of us thinking …Read More

OK, I posted the Ictus Fair Trade coffee near the end of my supply of their beans, and I’ve already got a new coffee brewing — and it is one good brew. Metropolis. We are brewing some Samba … roasty, …Read More

We might not realize it today, but the most intense challenge the first followers of Jesus met was including Gentiles into the people of God, the ecclesia. No, even more challenging was loving those Gentiles. Peter points the way.

Theo Geyser, a pastor in Stellenbosch, recommended that I read J.M. Coetzee, Disgrace. It tells a story of South Africa, as one critic put it, a story that “brutal tyranny has been replaced by brutal anarchy.” I don’t know how …Read More

Kris and I walk at Independence Grove on weekends, and the playground there has “rubber mulch.” (It’s cool to walk on.) We’ve also learned that many are using Rubber Mulch around their trees and bushes and plants. Rubber mulch is …Read More

The apostle Paul was a Jesus Creeder, and so in chp 27 of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed, I look at the Jesus Creed in the hands of the apostle Peter when he ventured to establish churches in Asia …Read More

This post is from Peggy Brown. She gets to the very heart of what this blog is all about and we are grateful to her for this. The Parable of The Jesus Creeders By Peggy Brown (4/25/08)

Magnolia Pictures sent me a pre-release DVD of “The Life Before Her Eyes,” starring Evan Rachel Wood and Uma Thurman, and I feel obligated to offer my readers a review of this haunting, Flannery O’Connor-like movie. Each actress plays — …Read More

Somewhere in high school both Kris and I read Alan Paton’s famous Cry, the Beloved Country, but it was so long ago that I had to read it again in preparation for our time in South Africa. Yes, it was …Read More