OK, I posted the Ictus Fair Trade coffee near the end of my supply of their beans, and I’ve already got a new coffee brewing — and it is one good brew. Metropolis. We are brewing some Samba … roasty, toasty, tasty, aromatic, great smooth drink. I’ve given my ratings on the top five before, but there’s some tinkering going on now….

Here’s my top five coffees. Am I missing someone or somebody’s coffee?
1A. Intelligentsia
2B. Metropolis
3. Chestnut Hill Coffee Company
4. Ugly Mug Cafe
5. Doubleshot
By the time I’m done with this pound of Metropolis, I might have an internal war going on between Intelligentsia and Metropolis. I’ve got now a 1A and 1B, and the reason might be only that I’ve had much more Intelligentsia than Metropolis.
It makes me wonder why there are so many of you know what kind of coffee shops around. I mean, anyone who has had any of the above has no need for St-rb-cks!

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