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Post of the week — no question. Maybe this is the post of the week too: Br. Maynard. Nope, this might be the post of the week: T. Freeman.

We’re back with Jon Wilson’s fine book, Why Church Matters: Worship, Ministry, and Mission in Practice — and this week we look at another chp on worship and it is about the significance of the Trinity for worship. Good topic.

Every now and then I get bogged up in my reading enough that I post some short notices about books that have crossed my desk that I think Jesus Creeders might like to know about but which I can’t blog …Read More

Missional Jesus attracts crowds, summons folks to follow him in order to participate in the kingdom mission, invites all sorts of folks to trust him, and both names and engages the powers of evil. And, as has been indicated a …Read More

When Augustine said his heart was not at rest until it came to rest in God, was he simply saying that we are selfish and coming to God makes us happy? That we use God for our own ends? Is …Read More

At one point in the history of writing this blog, I thought I’d do a series on my favorite essayists. I think the series got off the ground with my favorite essayist and then fizzled: Joseph Epstein. I suppose it …Read More

Missional Jesus attracts crowds, summons people to follow him, extends mercy and healing to anyone with faith — sometimes when that faith is second-hand — and now manifests that his missional is loaded with power.

Here’s a new letter that crossed our desk. The young person has a beef with the Church, or should I say he fears what God thinks of the American Church. I’ll open this up for discussion, and give my thoughts …Read More

I’m reading on table fellowship of late and today I wish to call to your attention three books on hospitality. The first is more for the general reader, the second and third for the more academic setting. Still, each is …Read More

Missional Jesus attracted crowds and from that crowd summoned people to follow him by becoming doers of God’s will. What is God’s will? You can say it a number of ways, but the two most succinct summaries of Jesus are …Read More