Every now and then I get bogged up in my reading enough that I post some short notices about books that have crossed my desk that I think Jesus Creeders might like to know about but which I can’t blog all the way through. Today I mention another one:
For those who genuinely know what an “organic” community is, or who have participated in a community of faith that grew up organically, what do you think of his listing below?
Joseph R. Myers, author of the well-known The Search to Belong, has a new book. It is in the emersion line of books with BakerBooks. His new book is called Organic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect.

If you are seeking to avoid the Master Plan programming model and, instead, want to create an organic environment, this is a good book for lots of ideas. Here’s a summary of the Master Plan programming model and the Organic Order model:
Patterns: prescriptive vs. descriptive.
Participation: representative vs. individual.
Coordination: cooperation vs. collaboration.
Growth: bankruptcy vs. sustainability
Measurement: bottom line vs. story.
Power: positional vs. revolving.
Partners: accountability vs. edit-ability.
Language: noun-centric vs. verb-centric.
Resources: scarcity vs. abundancy.
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