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Again, Pete Greig’s book God on Mute gives 16 reasons why our prayers are not answered as we’d like them. This completes the list.
What I most like about this list of 16 reasons why prayers are “not answered” (a kind of phenomenological way of saying “they were answered but not according to my designs”) is their completeness, their realistic thinking, and their biblical punch. These are not simplistic answers; they are instead thoughtful ideas that lead each of us to ponder why it is that God does not “answer” our prayers.
11. Satanic opposition: Is my prayer in line with God’s will but experiencing specific demonic resistance?
12. Faith: Do I really believe that God can do this? Am I out of my league?
13. Perseverance: Do I want it enough to keep praying?
14. Sin: Honesty time: Is there some secret sin you need to confess?
15. Justice: Am I actively seeking to express God’s love for the poor?
16. None of the first 15: Am I trying to find answers where I need instead to trust?

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