Jesus Creed

The psalmist’s tranquility is palpable … chiefs are chasing him but he’s found repose in knowing God. He’s not only peacefully resolved to tremble at God’s word, he’s peacefully resolved as well to rejoice in God’s promise.
His little analogy is potent: he rejoices in God’s promise “like one who finds great spoil.”
I’m reminded of the parables of Jesus: the one who finds a pearl of great price, the one who finds a treasure hidden in a field. The psalmist rejoices in God’s promise — while he finds peace in spite of persecution — the way one rejoices in finding a great spoil.
I can’t say I’ve ever found great spoil, but one time walking away from a certain baseball game in a certain city called Chicago, Kris and I found some money on the pavement. We were in a madrush of the thousands pouring out of the stadium to the parking lot and I feared even bending over to pick it up. But, I did. A minute or so later we realized it was a 100 dollar bill. We rejoiced and laughed.
So too the psalmist rejoiced in God’s promise when the mad rush of opponents were surrounding him. He bent down in their midst, picked up the promise of God’s covenant love, and found himself at peace — forgetful of the supposed fear the opponents were seeking to evoke in him.

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