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We’ll be in Sterling Virginia at St. Matthew’s Church with my former students — Rob and Linda Merola — April 14-15.

Thomas Boswell, simply the best baseball writer in American history, got it right when he said this: “All baseball fans can be divided into two groups: those who come to batting practice and the others. Only those in the first …Read More

Any study of the disciplines that shape Christian community eventually comes face to face with forgiveness, and Darryl Tippens, Pilgrim Heart, turns to this theme in chp. 9. I remind readers that we touched on forgiveness and memory when we …Read More

I gave two talks in Seattle, but I want to summarize what I said in my talk on Saturday. My talk was about “mistakes missional gospel folks need to avoid.”

The last verse of Psalm 119, which marks the end of this series, surprises:

The most neglected texts about women in ministry in the entire Bible are texts about Mary, and because our class has been looking at Mary of late, I thought I’d make a few suggestions about Mary and Ministry for women. …Read More

In chp 4 of A. Greeley and M. Hout’s The Truth about Conservative Christians [CCs] the authors explore the statistics about the difference between African Americans and white Conservative Protestants (CPs). Listen to this conclusion:

The second to last verse of Psalm 119 brings to fruition the center of the entire psalm:

Dear Matt, Your question is being asked in all sorts of ways.

Todd Hunter made two major presentations. The first one on Friday evening was on the meaning of missional and I didn’t take as many notes as I might have because I was listening so intently. Todd, I should mention, is …Read More