We’ll be in Sterling Virginia at St. Matthew’s Church with my former students — Rob and Linda Merola — April 14-15.
Shaun Turner’s got a piece worth reading that interacts with Peter Rollins.
A pastor of people’s pastoral letter.

Congrats to Wick! A former student and an erstwhile golf companion. (Ask him if he beat me.)
Two new blogs: Henriet‘s and Tamara‘s.
Ted on trinitarian love.
This summer’s L’Abri event in Oregon July 26-29. (HT: Boomchuck)
If you have ideas on helping women get connected in ministries, I suggest a conversation at Ben Dubow’s blog.
We’re happy to link to those who’d like to have listeners for their recordings … so here’s a song by Mark Heath and his wife.
1. Wikipedia revamped. A new, more reliable version will be named Citizendium.

2. This lady and I have something in common: we both wear Crocs.
3. What … leave Florida for Kentucky?
4. Bob Gundry weighs in on the tomb and bones of Jesus.
5. The Pope affirms heaven and hell.
6. Would Jesus smack children? (In New Zealand especially.)
7. Good post on “mediated discipleship.”
8. The Dusty Cover bookstore — send Jamie your books. I’ve got a box of books sitting in my office to send him. (I’ll get to it Jamie. Sorry.)
9. John Stackhouse on Wilberforce as a leftist.
10. Congrats to Emily Johnson. (And RJ Snell)
Brad Grinnen blogs about Dan Shaunessy’s “fake blog” about Curt Schilling’s real blog. To which I add: “he who writes the story controls the glory.”
Both Prior and Wood are down for the count as they recover… but the good news is the news that we’re good enough without them. You really must believe in the resurrection to be a Cubs fan.
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