Next Sunday we’ll be at Emmaus Community and then on Monday at the emerging group Up/rooted. For details, see here.
I’m not a specialist in college football, but if the USC game against Notre Dame is any indication of how good USC is, I think the BCS championship should be Ohio State vs. Michigan.
New blog: Bradley Wright is a sociologist and a Christian, and he explores the connection of sociology to Christianity; here’s a good post. His new series — nice, short, but 10-part — on divorce rates, beginning here, is a highlight series.

Good news from Seattle: Rose Swetman’s report of the conversation with Mark Driscoll (Driscoll has a nice summary too).
I hope you link to Brad Boydston’s Blog.
Do you listen to e-books? Check out John Frye’s post on Grisham.
1. Seminary students’ blogs are being monitored. Alarming. I caught this late, but it has to be posted here.
2. Are we locked into dreads?
3. Happiness: Money or Relationships?
4. Who do you vote for?
5. Our fathers were driver’s education instructors; I remember the days before seat belts; and now they are suggested as maybe not as safe; my theory: if you drive safely, the belts make driving even more safe. And I’m stickin’ with my theory.
6. Good piece by David Van Biema on the Rick Warren/Barack Obama flap.
7. I promised myself some time ago that I would link to my favorite sites every week — having been reminded that most of my readers alreadly link to Jim Martin and Mark Roberts (and I added Don Johnson last week), but this new series by Mark Roberts is a must-read-got-to-start-living-it for leaders.
8. Does recognition indicate that evangelicalism is losing its grip? Barna says so.
9. Good thoughts on Mark Galli’s blog.
10. Pastoral visitation with Don Johnson.
I worry about the Bears these days. But, I do think they’ll get 14 wins out of this season. And my consolation from last week’s loss to the Pats is that 3 years ago they would have been drubbed by the Pats. They’ve come a long way.
The worst thing about NCAA basketball, and I say this only because it is true, is that Dick Vitale is back on TV. Would to God that he had silenced Dicky V instead of Zechariah, father of John Baptist.
How about Bill Self, head BB coach at Univ of Kansas, getting a whopping 1.35M per year salary!
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