John Kasich of “The Heartland” for national FoxNews has contacted our people to invite us to the Chicago studio tonight for an interview about The Real Mary and The Nativity Story. So, if you have time tonight between 8-9pm Central (they thought this segment would run from 8:30 or so on), give it a look. Knowing how news is, though, nothing is certain until it happens. It gives Kris and me a great opportunity to have a dinner down in the City and to see the Christmas lights of Chicago. Drumroll….

Tonight is Festivus for Lukas and Annika. You may recall the story from a chp in The Jesus Creed. Lukas and his buddies tired of organized Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners, so they got their own one going: “festivus for the best of us and the rest of us.” Well, they expect 150 guests today, a band will be there, and it is no longer the crude male dinner of meat and potatoes and pies and libations. Stay tuned.
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