Jesus Creed

From Linda: Bob’s bloodwork came back ok, but he now has a more serious problem now. Fri in the middle of the night (of course!) his BP surged very high…so high we were ready to go to the ER again since last time it was this high, he was lifeflighted to Cleveland.
Anyway, it went down slightly, the MD on call (not his) had him take some more meds…it still is too high, and no one knows why. After he got a run around from the clinic, and his cardiologist is out of town, I called again and insisted someone talk to him. We are waiting now for the cardiologist to call. Something is not right, since his BP has been perfectly low on very little meds since surgery; now it’s high on even more meds.
Sooo….please pray God will protect him again as the medical system is so frustrating! Pray this will be nothing serious, but that they will look for the cause and not just give him more meds. He is quite discouraged; we both are just so tired in every way of this ongoing strain…We thought we were on the road to getting back to normal, and that seems to not be the case. Thanks so much for all your continued concern!

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