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In Romans 16:21-24, Paul trots out his companions who wish to offer their greetings to the Roman Christians.
16:22 tells us that Tertius wrote the letter, and many today need to be reminded of the real world of Paul. His handwriting may not have been good; and it was customary for a figure like Paul to employ someone to do the actual writing. However, this does not mean that Paul “dictated” his letter to Tertius and that Tertius simply wrote down Paul’s talking word for word. We have every reason to believe — and I appeal here to 1 Peter and to the style variations in Paul’s own letters — that the “amanuensis”/scribe was given some freedom to adapt the words of Paul to his own styel, Which means that arguments about dating Paul’s letters on the basis of style is a near waste of time.
Wright concludes 16:1-20 with three observations:
1. That Paul mentions so many women is noteworthy.
2. That Paul was a bridge-builder is a good example for more of us today.
3. That Paul combines wisdom and shrewdness is still needed today.

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