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Stephen Shields has a lucid and useful post on Mark Driscoll‘s use of Ed Stetzer’s categories of emerging. That set of categories was relevants, reconstructionists, and revisionists — those who are ministering to, those who are ministering with, and those …Read More

We come now to our last post on Michael Horton’s book on covenant theology, God of Promise. Many of us generic-brand Bible readers can benefit from being exposed to this covenant approach, even if we disagree. I offer a critique …Read More

There is a translation issue here in Romans 5:18, but the translation issue is not the real issue. A woodenly literal translation is offered by Wright: “so also through the righteous act of the one unto all people unto acquittal …Read More

From a fellow blogger (HT: Hal). This, I guess, is why my students can actually communicate with students in other classes without having to say a word or write something that is knowable to professors who don’t know cell phone …Read More

Evidently very. Time magazine has an article on how influential the bloggers of the SBC were in the recent voting for leadership. Mark Roberts, who links to the Time article itself, has made some observations and I’ll make some here.

Here’s the problem with the World Cup. The problem is that they are playing soccer. And a good case in point were the games on Monday. 180 minutes of play, with another 10 or so for stoppage time, and then …Read More

Michael Horton, in God of Promise, provides what is surely the most recent and complete defense of a covenantal theology reading of the Bible. And chp 5 sketches the fullness of this approach to the Bible. He calls it “From …Read More

“But the gift is not like the trespass.” So Paul says in Romans 5:15. Paul can’t find enough things to compare between Adam and Christ, and the ideas are just tumbling from his tongue. Here’s a brief list:

As I said yesterday, Luke was home some this weekend while he was scouting a minor league team. He was with us during the day and at the games in the evening. At home he visited his favorite places. Here’s …Read More

Michael Horton’s God of Promise, chps. 3-4, puts the big blocks of his thesis in place, and the big blocks are not hard to understand, and they go a long way to explain how his understanding of covenant theology works.