From a fellow blogger (HT: Hal). This, I guess, is why my students can actually communicate with students in other classes without having to say a word or write something that is knowable to professors who don’t know cell phone lingo.
First, I ask this: What does “SMS” mean? I hoped it might show up under “SMS” but, evidently, I was supposed to know. Now I feel like a “dodo”.
SMS Terms
AFAIK — As Far As I Know

AFK — Away from keyboard
Alwz — Always
ASL — Age, sex, location
ASAP — As soon as possible
ATB — All the best
ATK — At the keyboard
ATM — At the moment
A3 — Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
B — Be
B4 — Before
B4N — Bye for now
BCNU — Be seeing you
BAK — Back at keyboard
BBL — Be back later
BCNU — Be seeing you
BBS — Be back soon
BF — Boyfriend
BFN/B4N — Bye for now
BFz4evr — Best friends forever
BHL8 — Be home late
BIL — Boss is listening
BN — Been
BOL – Best of luck
BRB — Be right back
BRBGP — Be right back gotta pee
BRT — Be right there
BTW — By the way
B4N — Bye for now
C — See
CU — See you
CUB L8R — Call you back later
CU@ — See you at
CUL — See you later
CYA — See you around, See ya
CMi — Call me
CMON — Come On
CUB L8R — Call you back later
CUL8R — See you later
CYR BOS — Call Your Boss
CYR BRO — Call your brother
CYR H — Call your husband
CYR MA — Call your mother
CYR OFIS — Call your office
CYR PA — Call your father
CYR SIS — Call your sister
CYR WF — Call your wife
Dk — Don’t know
DNR – Dinner
doN — Doing
Dur? — Do you remember
E2eg — Ear to ear grin
EOD — End of discussion
EOL — End of lecture
EVRY1 — Everyone
EZY — Easy
EZ – Easy
FAQ — Frequently asked questions
FC — Fingers crossed
F2F — Face to face
F2T — Free to talk
F? — Friends?
FITB — Fill in the blank
FOMCL — Fell out of my chair laughing
FYEO — For your eyes only
FYA — For your amusement
FYI – For your information
F2F — Face to face
F2T — Free to talk
GAL — Get a life
GF — Girlfirend
GG — Good game
GMeSumLuvin — Give me some lovin’!
GMTA — Great minds think alike
GR8 — Great!
GSOH — Good salary, own home
GTSY — Glad to see you
GUDLUK — Good luck
G9 — Genius
h2cus — Hope to see you soon
H8 — Hate
HAGN — Have a good night
HAND — Have a nice day
HldMeCls — Hold me close
HRU — How are you
Ht4U — Hot for you
HTH – Hope that helps
H&K — Hugs and kisses
IAC — In any case
IAD8 — It’s a date
IC — I See
ICQ — I seek you
ICQ — A chat program:
IDK — I don’t know
IGotUBabe– I’ve got you babe
IIRC — If I recall correctly
ILU — I love you
ILU2 — I love you too
ILUA — I love you alot
ILuvU Alwz&4evr — I love you always and forever
IMO — In my opinion
IMHO — In my honest (or humble) opinion
IMBLuv — It must be love
IMI — I mean it
IMO — In my opinion
IMTNG — I am in a meeting
IM 4 U — I am for you
Im 🙂 2hv Mt U — I’m happy to have met you
IOU — I owe you
IOW — In other words
IRL — In real life
Its F8 — It’s fate
IUSS — If you say so
IYD — In your dreams
IYKWIM – If you know what I mean
J4F — Just for fun
JFK — Just for kicks
JK – Just kidding
JHB — Johannesburg
JstCllMe — Just call me
KC — Keep cool
KHUF — Know how you feel
KISS — Keep it simple, Stupid
KIT — Keep in touch
KOTC — Kiss on the cheek
KOTL — Kiss on the lips
L&N — Landing
LDR — Long distance relationship
LMAO — Laugh my ass off
LOL — Laughing out loud
LDN — London
LSKOL – Long slow kiss on the lips
LTNS – Long time no see
LTNS — Long time no see
LTNC — Long time no see
LUV — Love
LtsGt2gthr — Lets get together
lyN — Lying
L8 — Late
L8r — Later
MTE — My thoughts exactly
M$ULkeCrZ — Miss you like crazy!
MC — Merry Christmas
MGB — May god bless
Mob — Mobile
MU – Miss you
MUSM – Miss you so much
MTE – My thoughts exactly
MYOB — Mind your own business
M8 — Mate
NRN — No reply necessary
NA — No access
NC — No comment
NE — Any
NE1 — Anyone
NITING — Anything
No1 — No one
NP – No problem
nufN — Nothing
NWO — No way out
OIC — Oh, I see
OTOH — On the other hand
O4U — Only for you
PITA — Pain In The A*8
PCM — Please call me
PCME — Please call me
PITA — Pain in the ass
pl& — Planned
PLS – Please
PLZ 4GV ME – Please forgive me
PML — Piss Myself Laughing
po$bl — Possible
PRT — Party
PRW — Parents are watching
PTB — Please Text Back
PUKS — Pick Up Kids
QPSA? — Que pasa? (what’s happening?)
QT — Cutie
R — Are
RGDS — Regards
RINGL8 — Running Late
RLR — Earlier
RMB — Ring my bell
ROFL — Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLOL — Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFLMAO — Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROTG — Rolling on the ground
ROTGLMAO — Rolling on the ground laughing my ass off
RTFM — Read the flaming manual
RU — Are you
RU? — Are you?
RU CMNG — Are You coming
RUOK — Are You OK?
SC — Stay cool
SETE — Smiling ear to ear
SHLM — Shalom
shopN — Shopping
SK8 — Skate
SO — Significant other
SOL — Sooner or later
SOL — Sh_t out of luck
SME1 — Someone
SPK — Speak
SPK 2 U L8R — Speak to you later
SRY — Sorry
STATS — Your sex and age
SWALK — Sent with a loving kiss
SWATK – Sent/Sealed with a tender kiss
SWG — Scientific wild guess
T+ — Think positive
TDTU — Totally devoted to you
Thx — Thanks
TIC — Tongue in Cheek
Tks — Thanks
TMIY — Take me I’m yours
THNQ — Thank you
TIA — Thanks in advance
TLA — Three letter acronym
TTFN — Ta ta for now.
TTYL — Talk to you later
TUL — Tell you later
T2Go — Time to go
T2ul — Talk to you later
U — You
U2 — You too
UI! — You Idiot!
UR — You are
uvbnsmuchd — You’ve been smooched
URT1 — You are the one
UR TH WKEST LNK GDBY — You are the weakest link goodbye
UR4Me – You are for me
U4E – Yours forever
VRI — Very
W@ — What
W8N — waiting
WAN2 — Want to
Wan2 C a moV? — Want to see a movie?
WAN2 :-* — Want to kiss?
WB — Welcome Back
WLUMRy — Me will you marry me?
WOT — What
WRT — With respect to
WRU — Where are you?
WTF — What the heck?
WTH — What The Hell
WTG — Way To Go!
WTMPI — Way To Much Personal Information
WUF — Where Are You From?
WUWH — Wish you were here
W4u — Waiting for you
W8 — Wait
W84M — Wait for me
X! — Typical woman
X — Kiss
XO — Kiss and a hug
XclusvlyUrs — Exclusively yours
XLNT — Excellent
Y — Why?
Y! — Typical Man
YBS — You’ll be Sorry
YGM– You got mail
YR – Your
Z — the (affected, as in “what’s zee time?”)
ZZZZZ – Sleeping
10Q — Thank You
1DAY — One day
1ON1 — One on one
1NC — Once
2 — To/Two/Too
2DAY — Today
2bctnd — To be continued.
2d4 — To die for
2g4u — To good for you
2Ht2Hndl– Too hot to handle.
2l8 — Too late
2MORO — Tomorrow
2NITE — Tonight
2WIMC — To whom it may concern
3sum — Threesome
3 8 1 — Three words, eight letters, one meaning (I Love You)
4 — For
4e — Forever
4gv — Forgive
4gvn — Forgiven
4yeo — For your eyes only
7K – Sick
8 – Ate
8ball – Eightball
911 — Emergency, call me

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