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Tonight we were asked to challenge the Montecito Covenant Church to be a missional community of faith, and I’d like to share the outline of our talk. First, though, I’m impressed with this community of faith — its piety, its …Read More

Almighty Father who gave your only Son to die for our sins and to rise for our justification: Give me grace so to put away the leaven of malice and wickedness, that I may always serve you in pureness of …Read More

Kris and I are in Santa Barbara where I’m speaking for a generous Montecito Covenant Church (up in the foothills and near Westmont). One of my striking impressions is that this place is filled with runners and walkers. We are …Read More

The best advertisement I’ve seen in a long, long time is the Southwest Airlines commercial with a wife watching her husband via computer camera: he’s waddling around in his boxers and big gut hanging out and drinking from a big …Read More

A student of mine asked me to lunch the other day because he wanted to tell me his story and what is going on in his life because of studying about Jesus. I cannot tell his story in detail here …Read More

Perhaps a nice place to re-address the question of what “evangelism” looks like and will look like in the emerging movement is to summarize the points made in Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger, Emerging Churches, chp. 6: “Welcoming the Stranger.”

Jamie KA Smith has a new, readable, useful book on postmodernity called Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?. I want to recommend as the best interface of evangelical concerns and traditional theology with postmodernism. It is not as saucy or philosophical as …Read More

The new “EE” will not be like the old one. The quotations yesterday are from an emerging leader indeed, but he died long ago: his name is Walter Rauschenbusch. I want to contend that the emerging form of evangelism is …Read More

Here’s a thesis Mark Biddle, in his excellent new study on sin (Missing the Mark), defends in his last chapter: “Sin creates a real circumstance that lingers in the world until it comes to fruition — sometimes with the assistance …Read More

I don’t what the future holds for seminaries, but I do know this: Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA (just north of Philadelphia) is intentionally missional. I can’t possibly fill you in on the details here, but I do want to …Read More