Jesus Creed

Kris and I had a wonderful dinner last night with some local students who are definitely interested in things emerging. We gathered at Firkin’s in Libertyville. We got to know one another some and had a nice dinner. I could say plenty, but I’m struck how often it comes up what seminary will look like in the emerging movement.
I don’t know the future, nor do I care to, but my best hunch is that it will be much closer to the church itself than it now is, and that it will also be more focused on spiritual formation, and it won’t probably be called “seminary.” We were impressed with this group of young, sharp, devoted students who want to serve the Lord. I’m not old enough to think yet of passing the torch, but I’d be happy to think folks like this are running with us. I’m hoping we can gather with them next month at Bill’s Pub in Mundelein. The home of Chicagoland’s best pizza. We need our administrator to get this on the schedule. (Are you reading this in class?)

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