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Top billing this week goes to some good blogs I found this week dealing with themes surrounding the pursuit of social justice with respect to racism. Maurice Broaddus has some ongoing reflections on ontological blackness: part 1, part 2, part 3.
Along with this, Jamie Arpin-Ricci has a series now running on “what is the gospel?” and anyone talking about that has my ear: I don’t think we think often enough about what we mean by “gospel.” Part one, part 2.
1. I like the new series Bob Robinson’s got going on Christian ethics. We should all get over there for some discussion.
2. I love Samuel Johnson and I think Alan Jacobs is perhaps the finest Christian essayist of our generation, so when they team up, I’m all eyes and ears.
3. Is the seeker model becoming outmoded? Brother Maynard asks if the “seeker/believer” model is a false dichotomy.
4. This is what the emerging movement is all about: a sensitivity, a direction, and a discernment. Steve McCoy is right on.
5. I like thist post on what “adult” means by Jim Martin; maybe it shows my age.
6. Pray for John Frye‘s “emerging” work in Russia.
7. Jordon Cooper is blogging some about Brian McLaren’s forthcoming book about Jesus.
8. Ted Gossard has been blogging some time. Here’s a nice thought on vulnerability.
9. Michael Kruse has a nice review of Gibbs and Bolger. A good example of reasonable discourse; differs but describes fairly.
Finally, moms and dads, don’t let your kids grow up to be: 10 Most Dangerous Jobs.

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